Quick practice with comparatives/ superlatives:

Who is the best artist in the world? Who is the best singer in your country?

Is Prince better than Sting? Is Madonna worse than Lady Gaga?

Is Bruno Mars more talented than Pharrell?

Is Aretha Franklin younger than Stevie Wonder?

Is Eminem a better rapper than Jay-Z?

Practise saying sentences like this with "more", "less" or with the comparative _er ending (for adjectives of 1 syllable).


MUSIC QUIZ! (click the pic to listen)

Listen to these artists:

1 Bob Marley
2 Glenn Medeiros
3 Lenny Kravitz
4 George Michael
5 Gloria Estefan
6 Kate Bush
7 Led Zeppelin
8 Elton John
9 Prince
10 The Eagles
11 Rick Astley
12 Jamiroquai

What do they all have in common? There's a particular word that you will find in every song...

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