London EFL

Lesson 7 - Will for Predictions

1: Revision of comparatives    2: Environment and predictions    3: First Conditional


1 Revision from Lesson 6: Comparatives/ Superlatives

Compare: Polish food/British food
Polish doctors/ British doctors
Spanish weather/ Swedish weather
Indian food/ Italian food


The French have the best cuisine (cooking) in the world! Or perhaps they are the best lovers in the world!
German cars...
American burgers...
Italian pizzas...


2 Today's theme - Lesson 7: the Environment.

great Barrier Reef
exhaust pipe

Will for predictions

Note: the negative of will = won't (will not)

Do you think the Earth/World will still exist in 50/ 100/ 500/ 1000 years' time?
Will the Earth's temperature rise in the future? picture
Some animals will become extinct. Will humans become extinct? picture
Will we produce more or less food in the future?

Note: the future of there is = there will be
There will be more people in the future. picture
Will there be flying cars in the future? picture
Yes there will. No there won't.

3 Grammar: The First Conditional

If + present simple, will + verb
example: If we cycle more, we will reduce pollution.

Make the verb in brackets correct:
If we recycle more, we (consume) less energy.
If we use less energy, we (help) the planet
If we continue to drive cars, the temperature of the Earth (rise)

Now complete the following:
If we don't recycle more,
If we stop driving cars,
If we use many plastic bags,
If we build more roads and airports,