Continuing the theme of these 12 pop songs, let's have a look at 12 adjectives...



Let's look again at the 12 songs, and try putting one of the above adjectives next to each song:

1 Bob Marley - Three Little Birds example: joyful
2 Glen Madeiros - Nothing's Gonna Change my love for you  
3 Lenny Kravitz - Are you Gonna Go My Way  
4 George Michael - Careless Whisper  
5 Gloria Estafan - Rhythm is gonna Get you  
6 Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave you  
7 Kate Bush - Cloudbusting  
8 Elton John - Rocket Man  
9 Prince - It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night  
10 The Eagles - Heartache  
11 Rick Astley - I'm never gonna Give you Up  
12 Jamiroquai - When Are You Gonna Learn  

First, let's make simple sentences with the adjectives...

For example, the Elton John song is energetic. The George Michael song is romantic.

Now let's make comparative sentences...

For example, the Kate Bush song is more inspiring than the Rick Astley song. The Prince song is funkier than the Eagles song.

Superlative sentences...

Now make superlatives using either "_est" or with the word "most"

For example, of all twelve songs, Cloudbusting is the dreamiest! Of all twelve songs, When Are You Gonna Learn is the most political and the funkiest.

Remember, the general rule is that for adjectives with 1 syllable (tall, short, big, cold...) the comparative adds _er and the superlative adds _est

For adjectives with 3 or more syllables, the comparative uses "more" and the superlative uses "the most".

You're wondering, what about 2 syllables?!! Well unfortunately, that depends on the word! I will write more on this in a future lesson!