This month's words, phrases and expressions...
to be at loggerheads
to wing it
to do something willy-nilly
to bottle it
to have cold feet
to put one's foot down
to bolster
ten a penny
to play down
to throw a spanner in the works

December 2015
to steer clear of
it bodes well/ it doesn't bode well
on the shelf
at my wits' end
to throw the baby out with the bath water
to come into one's own
to kick into the long grass
the lion's share
to eke out

November 2015
have no qualms about
to fork out
a raft of measures
to plunder
livid (adj)
to pledge
trickle down economics
to pitch in
to do something wholesale

October 2015
dead ringer
A bed of roses
to branch out
to haggle
quids in
push the envelope
kettle of fish
A blast from the past
cut the mustard
cough up

September 2015
chin wag
over the moon
it's doing my head in
to trump
to come up trumps
budding (adj)
burgeoning (adj)
to be gutted
a fluke
the hell it is